About the Project

Fahrschule.Live is a project that is separated in 2 parts:

The Fahrschule.live Web App – is the first information system designed for the needs of driving schools in Germany that is all-digital. From the beginning when you register online, up until the point where you get your license.  We have iterated many times in order to achieve a solution which is both effective and easy to use. Fahrschule.Live handles all the tasks that a driving school needs. The most notable features are:

  • Planning theory courses,
  • Planning driving hours,
  • Online registration of students
  • Managing students and their information (Payment history, Classes history, Learning progress),
  • Organizing the Theory and Practice exams for the driving school,
  • Organizing the E-Mail communication with the students so that office clerks have access to it,
  • Organizing documents and assigning them to students according to the type using OCR,
  • Automatic sending of invoices and the collection of payments (with prior consent).
  • Offline capability

The Fahrschule.live Mobile App – is designed for driving instructors who are mostly driving in a car and need the extra mobility. The mobile app is designed to be as easy to use as possible, as driving instructors are older in age. The Mobile app is available in both Android and iOS.
The most notable features of the Mobile App are:

  • The hour planning module, which allows driving instructors to plan their classes and at the same time book the students for a certain class
  • The signature module, which allows driving students to sign that they have had a class, and that an invoice can be written with the said signature
  • The exam module, which allows driving instructors to put in the results of their students exam in the system
Project details
  • Categories:Mobile Apps, Web Apps
  • Skills:.NET, MySQL, PHP, Xamarin Android, Xamarin iOS
  • Project URL:https://www.fahrschule.live/
  • Client:Fahrschule Fahrfreude