About the Project

TheorieCheck! is a learning app for driving school students who want to get their licenses in Germany. The project is separated in 2 parts:

The TheorieCheck! Web App – is designed for students and driving school office clerks. For students: it allows them to learn and study the material to pass the exam. It provides them with insight into their learning progress, where their weaknesses are, how they are doing on their practice exams and so on. It also shows them how they are doing in relation to other students who use the app to stimulate competition and carefulness.

On the teachers side, it allows them to create add new students directly from Fahrschule.Live, as well as track their learning progress with the same insights as the students. This way, they can deliver a personalized learning experience to each student individually.

The Mobile App – is designed for the students only. In Germany, we found out that students spend a lot of time on the road – whether riding the train, bus, or driving with their parents to a nearby town. This is why we developed the app, so that they can use this time productively and learn for their exam. Because there is no good internet access on some parts of  the country like the countryside for example, or if they’re in a train, we designed the app to be able to work offline.

Project details